With Spiritualist Ceremonies nothing is pre-determined with regard to order – nothing is written in stone, these are your days and can be personalised to suit your own requirements.


Our Church is solemnized for the purpose of carrying out Marriages or Wedding Blessings.

With a Spiritualist Wedding Service your Ceremony can be much more individual and tailored to your needs.


Naming ceremonies are where adults as well as children are welcomed into the Spiritualist family and may also given a name by which they are known in the Spirit World, where applicable.


A Spiritualist Funeral Service is truly a tribute to the life of the loved one who has gone to the Spirit World, and recognition that eventually we will be united with them.

With a Spiritualist Funeral Service at Attercliffe Spiritualist Church you can be a part of the service and ensure that it is much more individual and tailored to your needs.


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